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The method of judging the breakpoint of a cable

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[cable network] previously, the projects gained by the State Grid in Brazil were mostly transmission line projects. The successful acquisition of CPFL means that the State Grid has power generation, d
In addition to measuring voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, transistor and other basic parameters, digital multimeter can be used flexibly to further expand its function and achieve the purpose of multi-purpose. The method of judging the break point of wire and cable by digital multimeter is presented.
The exact location of the broken cable is difficult to determine due to the outer insulation covering when the cable or the cable is broken internally. With a digital multimeter you can easily solve this problem. Method: connect one end of the broken wire (cable) to the 220V power line and the other end is suspended. Pull the digital multimeter to AC2V block, starting from the firewire access end of the wire (cable), hold the nib of the black meter with one hand, and slowly move the red pen along the insulation skin of the wire with the other hand. At this time, the voltage value displayed on the screen is about 0.445V (DT890D). When the red pen moves somewhere, the voltage on the display suddenly drops to 0.0 volts (about a tenth of the original voltage), and about 375px forward from that position is where the wire (cable) breaks.
The method of judging the breakpoint of a cable