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Does the home install electric wire to must use national mark line

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[cable network] previously, the projects gained by the State Grid in Brazil were mostly transmission line projects. The successful acquisition of CPFL means that the State Grid has power generation, d
Must use national standard line: have safeguard, safe. You don't feel the heat of the wire when the current is high.
Non - standard line inside the copper core impurity too much, contains the element of iron. There is also copper clad aluminum. The number of meters is not enough. National standard wire is highly recommended.
National standard wire main measure standard
First, there is the "CCC" certification mark. Electric wire and cable products of national standards are mandatory safety products of the state. All production enterprises must obtain the "CCC" certification of China electrical product certification committee and obtain the "CCC" certification mark.
Second, the packaging is exquisite. The packaging of wire and cable products is the same as that of other products, the large and medium-sized formal enterprises that meet the national standards for the production of products, the production of wire and cable very attention to product packaging.
Third, the product appearance is smooth and round, uniform color. Wire and cable enterprises whose products meet the requirements of national standards strictly control the purchase of raw materials, production equipment and production process in order to improve product quality and ensure that the products meet the requirements of national standards. Therefore, the appearance of the production wire and cable meets the standard requirements: smooth and round, uniform color. And the appearance of counterfeit inferior product is rough and lackluster. As for rubber insulated flexible cable, it is required to be round in appearance, with tight sheath, insulation and conductor. And counterfeit inferior product appearance is coarse, ellipse is big, protective cover insulation strength is low, with the hand can tear off.
Fourth, the lustrous conductor, dc resistance, conductor structure and size meet the national standards. The products of electric wires and cables that meet the requirements of national standards, whether they are aluminum conductors or copper conductors, are relatively bright and free from oil pollution. Therefore, the dc resistance of conductors fully conforms to the national standards and has good conductive performance and high safety.
Five, the length is accurate. Length is the main intuitive way to distinguish the products that conform to national standards and fake inferior products. The length of wire and cable products in line with the national standard of 100 + / - 0.5m (i.e., 100 m as the standard, with an allowable error of 0.5m) shall protect the interests of the majority of consumers.
Its six, the certificate mark is clear. Conform to the requirements of the national standard of wire and cable products certificate printing clear CCC "certification mark, trade mark, model specifications, rated voltage, length, test, manufacturing date, certificate number, executive standard, producer name and address, phone and other logo clearly, and consistent with the product, there are marked on the certificate of enterprise" to inform the user ", etc, so that consumers choose and buy and correct installation.
Does the home install electric wire to must use national mark line